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    Tuesday, December 20, 2016

    An Amazing Diet To Lower 5 Kilos In A Week

    Although it is a complete diet for a week, you should keep in mind some points that will help to perform the fat burning correctly.
    If the instructions are not followed the results may not be as effective as desired.
    You should not drink intoxicating drinks while you are on the diet, and the choice of drinks to accompany the meal is free, you can choose between water, natural lemonade, tea without sugar.
    Any type of sugar should be replaced with a sweetener.

    Diet to Lower 5 Kilos in a Week: Step by Step

    Day 1:

    Breakfast : Take a fruity infusion own choice with or without sweetener sweet banana smoothie with skim milk and ice if desired and some sweetener if necessary use.

    Lunch : A piece of grilled lean red meat, this meat preferably beef or veal with two pieces of pumpkin or squash boiled and accompanied with a little olive oil or fat - free cream cheese and a plate of fresh fruit.

    Dinner : chicken breast skinless baked with multicolored vegetable salad (paprika, tomato, onion, lettuce) and an infusion of fruit to accompany a cold or natural tea.

    Day 2:

    Breakfast: One cup of skim milk, two preferably whole wheat toast with a little low - fat cream cheese.

    Lunch : Mix of steamed vegetables (those who want to put, carrots, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, radishes) with a boiled egg, seasoned with a little olive oil and pepper.

    (Avoid salt as they retain liquids with their consumption) and complete with a fresh season fruit.

    Dinner : Breaded soy sauce, and fresh tomatoes baked with cream cheese, lettuce and olive oil and to accompany iced tea or herbal tea.

    Day 3:

    Repeat the dishes on day 1

    Day 4:

    Breakfast: One cup of skim milk with graham crackers and two pieces of fresh low - fat cheese.

    Lunch: Two servings of vegetables or spinach mold and baked chicken broth.

    Dinner : An omelette made with two eggs and melted cheese, lettuce and onion and some fresh tomatoes to accompany.

    Day 5: Repeat the dishes on day 2.

    Days 6 and 7 are left free to choose how you want to mix the dishes of all previous days.

    So you can give some freedom and to test the ability of creativity of the person to be on a diet to lose 5 kilos in a week.